Laser Dentistry in Arvada CO

Laser Dentistry Arvada COWe live in an exciting time!

Constant improvements and advances in dental techniques and technology are making treatment simpler, faster, more effective, more efficient, more precise, and more comfortable.

At Generations Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we are dedicated to providing the most modern and complete dentistry possible to our patients while maintaining a personalized and gentle dentistry experience. One technology that helps us meet this goal is laser dentistry.

Both Dr. Compton and our hygienist, Dayna, have received extensive training and are members of the Academy of Laser Dentistry. Our dental laser allows us to perform a range of dental procedures more comfortably and with greater precision and success than ever before.

The Advantages of Laser Dentistry

Many patients come to our office worried that they might have a cavity. It’s not the idea of the cavity itself, however, that is so worrisome; it’s the concern that we might have to use a drill to treat it.

But at our office, we can use a laser to precisely remove the damaged tooth structure instead of a drill. The process is faster and it allows us to preserve more of your healthy tooth structure since we can specifically target the decayed tooth material. We believe in practicing conservative, less-invasive dentistry and our laser helps us accomplish this.

Our laser also helps to improve your periodontal health. Gum disease can cause extensive damage to the soft tissue around your teeth as well as the bones beneath your teeth. Bacteria in the space between your teeth and gums are the culprits in this chronic infection. Using the laser, we can denature the bacteria so that they can’t do any more damage. We can also precisely remove damaged tissue, leaving healthy tissue intact, and recontour your gums for a healthier, more attractive smile. This technique can also be used to remove excess gum tissue for aesthetic purposes, as when we correct a “gummy smile.”

Arvada CO Laser DentistryIs Laser Dentistry Right for You?

While our laser can treat an incredible range of dental concerns, we won’t know if the laser is appropriate for treating your condition until you reach out to us for a consultation. If you’re anticipating a dental procedure and want a more comfortable experience, please call our office today to schedule your evaluation with Dr. Compton. We think you’ll be thrilled by our skill and level of experience—as well as our advanced technology!

We recognize that many people are fearful about seeing the dentist and the tools we use are often a source of that anxiety. That’s understandable, of course. Dental tools aren’t something you see every day and there’s no denying the fact that many of them look sharp and pointy—not something you want to see coming at your delicate gums!

Because the laser uses highly focused light, its appearance is often more comforting to patients with dental anxiety than traditional dental tools. We’d love the opportunity to show you around our practice and demonstrate our commitment to comfort.

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