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Dr. Lindsay Compton

Dr. Lindsay Compton is excited to provide care to families in Arvada, Colorado, and the surrounding communities. Before purchasing Generations Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, she earned her DDS from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry and practiced as an associate, providing excellent care and earning her patients’ trust. She is an award-winning dentist and has been published in the Journal of Dental Research. She is also an accomplished athlete, skiing and running in marathons!

Patient Testimonials

"I have been a a patient of Dr. Beaver's/Compton's office since the year 2000. They accomplished an amazing orthodontic outcome for me. I love my smile now! They have always provided kind & caring services and the staff is so friendly! I can't imagine trusting my dental care to anyone else. - Tamara

Choosing the Right Dentist for your Family

April 14, 2016
Posted By: Generations Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
Family Dentistry in Arvada CO, Generations Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you seeking an Arvada dentist for your family’s dental care? Whether you are new to the area or you need to find a new practice, you have a lot of important details to figure out.

Your dentist is an important part of your family’s health care team. While it’s obviously important that your smile looks good and increases your confidence, you may not realize how much the health of your smile is connected to your overall health. It’s been said that your oral health is a mirror of your total health. In fact, certain dental conditions, like periodontal disease, have been linked to serious systemic health conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease!

So what should you be looking for in your new dentist?

1. Up-to-date techniques and technology

Dental care has evolved considerably in the last decade or so, and you want someone who knows the latest techniques. This doesn’t just make your dentistry more effective, it also makes it more comfortable for you!

2. A welcoming, friendly atmosphere

You want to feel like you are welcome at your dentist’s office, not like you are a nuisance. In a world where many facets of health care (including dentistry) have become “corporatized” and are run like an assembly line, a personal touch and a team who wants to build a relationship with you can feel quite refreshing!

3. Experience and exceptional skill

Every member of the team should have a high level of skill and plenty of experience performing the procedures you and your family need. Why would you trust your family’s health to anyone else?

4. A commitment to your family’s health

Does your new dental office offer all the procedures you need to stay healthy? If you have children, does your dentist know about the dental stages that children go through? If you need advanced care, can you get that from your family dentist or will you need to run around town visiting specialists? What steps does your dentist take to make sure that you can get healthy and stay that way?

Generations Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, the practice of Arvada dentist Dr. Lindsay Compton, is accepting new patients, and we think you’ll find that we meet all of these crucial criteria! We love meeting new people, getting to know our patients, and building a trusting, long-term relationship.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment and make us your family’s new dental home. 

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